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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

El Vaporcito. Better a Viking Funeral than Being Left to Rot?

Not so long ago, I wrote an entry on the El Puerto de Santa María - Cádiz ferry service. Well this weekend, my Dark Lady and I repeated the experience.

This time I was able to take a closer photo of the ill-fated Vaporcito mentioned in the above entry. Here is a picture of the boat in its present state. Have you ever seen such a sad sight?

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  1. The problem, I suppose, with ships that have come to grief is that the cost of repairing them is huge in comparison with the likely financial gain of putting them back in service. Unlike a building that can be re-roofed and patched up, a ship has in addition to be made watertight and seaworthy. Unless someone with a bottomless purse falls in love with El Vaporcito, I think her days are numbered. The longer she remains without repairs, the less likely that she can survive.