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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

I Only Have Eyes for You

Well, it looks like it's time to trot out my favourite photo again:
This looks nothing like my Teutonic

Today, while listening to  the Today programme on BBC Radio 4, I was astounded to hear that Neanderthal man became extinct because their eyes were too big for their brains.

However, when we come to think about it, is this as bizarre as it first seems?

After all , Homo Sapiens might yet become extinct because their eyes are too big for their bellies.
Eyes bigger than his belly?
 Perhaps not

Calories in a box and burps in a can
It looks like Mother Nature might yet have the answer to the  problem that the human race poses for the earth, killing us off before we are old enough to reproduce; making reproduction well-nigh impossible, or so undesirable as to make pigging out on horseburgers and fizzy drinks infinitely more preferable. Indeedy,  the mere mechanics may be impossible for our, er, bigger brethren.

A pin-up? A rivet-up, more like

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